10-50 Horde Leveling Guide

10-50 Horde leveling Guide

What’s up Gaming Heroes!

Today we will take you through a comprehensive journey of levelling a horde character from level 10 to level 50

This tried and trusted method is efficient as it is enjoyable so sit back and enjoy the ride!

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Before we start – Prepare yourself!

  • Go learn Mining and Herbalism (ask guard for locations) for bonus XP and gold. Maybe even purchase Darkmoon Firewater for additional gathering speed if you have the gold
  • Would highly recommend purchasing 4 additional bags such as shrouded cloth or Deep Sea bags from the Auction House
  • Equip every Heirloom that you have unlocked (see our guide on the fishing ring here)
  • Download key addons such as gathermate 2, Silverdragon (Helps with Rares). (Please also read our UI guides for other useful addons here)
  • If you have not leveled a character to level 50 before you will be forced down the route of the Battle for Azeroth expansion and this will mean that before you can follow this guide you will need to get 1 character to level 50 beforehand.
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Hero Class

If you are using either Demon hunter or Death Knight then you will start at level 10 and it is advised that you complete their starting area prior to getting to orgrimmar. As they are a hero class they also automatically gain 100% mount speed (10 levels early)! You also gain a good few levels head start and the questlines are very simple and easy to follow so I would highly recommend this.

Also if you are leveling with an allied race they also start at level 10 so you can skip the starting zones… WINNER WINNER!

All other classes don’t gain access to 100% mount speed till they hit level 20 so consider this is you want a quick and early advantage

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Its all about the where!

All of your questing journey will be taking place in the following areas;

  • The WoD introduction zone and Garrison
  • Silverpine Forest
  • Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Val’Sharah
  • Highmountain

Now lets get into it!

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Step 1 – Warlords of Draenor Introduction

Congratulations! You have dinged level 10 and you are well on your way to starting your leveling journey. 

If you have leveled through exile’s reach you will end up at the front of orgrimmar. If you have leveled in your race zone then you will need to make your way here for this first step.

Once you are in orgrimmar you will need to approach “Chromie”. Chromie is located in orgrimmar within the valley of Wisdom.

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Once you are at “Chromie”, make sure that you select the option of “the Iron Horde”. 

Once you have selected the warlords of Draenor expansion you will receive a quest to go to the dark portal within the blasted lands. The Warlords of Draenor start introduction is quick and easy XP and is a must for them early levels

Opening the Garrison will give you opportunities to make gold in a steady manner of which you can learn of key tactics watching our garrison videos and reading our guides on here

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Before you leave Ogrimmar via the Vanguard Battlemage make sure that you Learn Riding! 

Go to the Orgrimmar portal room and speak to the battlemage who will teleport you directly to Blasted Lands. You will need to travel across to the dark portal to meet Archmage Kadgar who will initiate the starting sequence for the WOD introduction. 

All you will need to do once the introduction has started is follow the quest line up to setting up your level 1 Garrison.

Once your Garrison is set up then you will need to hearthstone back to Orgrimmar. Make sure that you have completed the quest to gain your Garrison Hearthstone as this will be useful if you decide to do any garrison/WOD content

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Step 2 – Lets complete some Legion stuff

Once you are back in orgrimmar make sure you go back to “Chromie”. You can set your hearthstone to bring you straight back to Chromie (highly recommended) to quick access to changing the expansion that you will need to complete through this guide. 

Once you have changed to the legion expansion you will head to an NPC and you should be presented with the option to skip the starting scenario and get you immediately to Dalaran. If this does not happen then enter the scenario and leave immediately. You will then appear in front of the NPC who will now give you the option to skip the scenario.

Once you get to Dalaran you will need to complete the class hall quests up to and including gaining your first legendary legion class hall weapon specific for your spec. This will gain you a few levels and also give you a very decent transmog for your class. Make sure you have completed the class hall up to picking your first zone, you will need this later

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Step 3 – Lets get on with it!

Finally! We have done the boring bits and now it’s time for some leveling in the more traditional route. Once you have done your class hall stuff as per step 2 you will need to get yourself back to orgrimmar.

Once you are in orgrimmar you will need to locate the portal to “Undercity” as we are going on an adventure to follow the Sylvanas storyline within Silverpine Forest. Silverpine forest is very linear quest wise with lots of opportunities for rares, treasures and lots of herbs and ores to collect on the way of completing your Journey!

Once you get to Undercity make sure you speak to Zidormi (the small speech bubble) who will change the area to a time in the past which will remove the green plague which surrounds Tirisfal glades that will instantly kill you if you walk through it.

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Make your way across to Northern Silverpine Forest so that you can pick up the questline from Sylvanas as well as the Orc who will give you a quest for Hillsbrad Foothills (Keep this for later).

Follow the questline all the way through up until the end (if you haven’t done it before I will not spoil the ending!). During your leveling experience you will ding level 20. 

When you hit this milestone make sure you change your hearthstone to the nearest Inn to your questing area and then hearth back to Dalaran then portal back to orgrimmar and pick up 100% ground mount as this will make the leveling process a bit quicker. 

Once you have completed this quest line along with all the rares, treasures and resources you will now be directed to the next zone

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Step 4 – Follow the Momentum

Now we are going into Hillsbrad Foothills. Lots of quests, treasures, rares and gathering to do here! There are a couple of quests here that I would avoid due to bugs and difficulty (“Stagwiches” and “Yetimus”). The zone itself is very straight forward like Silverpine. 

When you hit level 30 make sure once again that you change your hearthstone to the local Inn and then use your dalaran hearthstone to get back to orgrimmar. Getting the next level of riding skill will now move this forward even quicker now that you have flying!

Whilst it is old content, Silverpine and Hillsbrad both offers lots of additional experience opportunities as well as old content materials and potential transmog so the zones are a goblins paradise!

Once completed now it is time to get yourself back to Dalaran… “You are NOT prepared!”

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Step 5 – lets start battling the legion!

You have finished the first major part of the questing now its time for Legion. Get yourself across to your class hall and pick your first foothold into legion territory which will be Val’sharah.

Make sure before you go across to these zones that you pick up herbalism and mining for legion as this will come in handy as you move across the zones. This can be picked up in the main Dalaran hub for professions

At this point it is not advised to use your legendary weapon until you start gaining artifacts for your weapon as the weapon item level will be poor and will slow you down. Only when your weapon gains a similar item level to your current gear should you start using them as they get more powerful.

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Once you are in Val’sharah its a case of follow the quest lines whilst also picking up the bonus objectives as these give strong additional XP on the way. Sometimes the objectives overlap a quest which is even better!

In legion zones unless you are next to them do not bother with rares or treasures as they give minimal experience when you interact with them and are mainly best suited if you are looking for specific gear or achievements (you can come back to these at a later date if you are an achievement hunter or collector).

Make sure that when you ding level 40 that you get yourself back to a riding trainer either in orgrimmar or dalaran to get that swift speedy flying mount as this will make things so much quicker as you move forward across the zones. Once you have completed Val’sharah you are now onto the final step!

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Step 6 – The final push to 50!

You are now ever so close to finishing this guide and the final step will take you over to Highmountain. With the addition of 300% flying this zone will be very easy to complete as there are a lot of parts of the zone which require a lot of up and down.

Make sure you follow the main quest line as you run through this zone with the main center point being the thunder totem. The quickest way to move forward in this zone is to complete each individual parts of the quest chain so that you get to the point where the clan leaders are to meet you at thunder totem and then move onto the next quest chain. Doing this stops role play (unless of course you like that kind of thing)

Make sure you are also completing the bonus quests as well as the final quests to complete the zone. You may not have hit level 50 once completing the quest chain, if not head to Trueshot Lodge where Hemet Nesingwary can help you do that.

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What’s up Gaming Heroes!

If you have any questions, or just want to share how your journey leveling has gone, make sure to join our Discord and share them in the #Pictures tab!

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