Beginner’s Gold Guide

Beginner's Gold Guide - 2022


In World of Warcraft: Shadowlands there are a multitude of ways to make gold. From playing the game, to harnessing your inner Auction House Goblin, to spending a few hours grinding your way to the perfect drop. The possibilities are nearly endless.

All of the below Averages are for 1 character. The gold gain increases for each additional character you prepare!

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Erosium’s Beginner Gold Guide:

Erosium has a video that goes over all of this information and more. Feel free to give it a watch (and a like!), we hope you find it helpful!


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Covenant Callings:

In Shadowlands Blizzard introduced a new Covenant system. With new systems, come new quests! The Callings are a series of dailies, that require you to travel around the Shadowlands and aiding your Covenant. The dailies range from doing World Quests, to collecting treasure! (Note from Erosium: These are not regular dailies, you can hold up to 3 at a time. Feel free to save them up and knock them out every 3 days if you don’t want to check them every day!)

Callings are unlocked once you reach Level 60 and have selected your Covenant.

Average daily gold: 1500g

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Covenant Mission Tables:

Our next strategy is to take advantage of your Covenant Mission Table. The table is accessible at level 60 and requires you to build it in your Sanctum.

With the Mission table, you can gather Resource Bags containing Trade Goods, Raw Gold, ad Pet Charms that can be utilized in pet flipping, or to strengthen your own roster!

Make sure to install the Venture Plan Addon! You can find the link to Curse forge Here!

Find more info about Venture Plan in Erosium’s Addon Guide.

Average Daily Gold: 1200g

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Using the Auction House:

The Auction House is a powerful tool. It is used to sell any Non-Soulbound items to other players. You can access the Auction House from any Major Faction City (You can access it from other places depending on Profession, or if you build an AH Module in your Garrison.)

To adequately use the Auction House, we recommend using an Addon such as TSM to read, post, and build auction groups.

You can find here TSM: Link

Average Daily Gold: Varies based on Server and what you are Auctioning.

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Whether you are Gathering or Crafting, Professions can be a major way to make gold (As long as you read the market and fill a need!)

The types of Professions fall into 2 categories.

Gathering, which is any profession that creates components for a Crafting Profession

Crafting, is a profession that takes Raw Materials and creates a new item from them.

Want a more in depth guide to turning professions into gold?

Check out Erosium’s New Gold Guide. Available for free!

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Gold with Gathering Professions:

Mining, Herbalism, Skinning, and Fishing are the 4 largest Gathering Professions. You can gather Ore, Herbs, Skins, and Fish that are used in Crafting. If you have no interest in Crafting you can sell these Raw Materials on the Auction House to other players that need them.

Old Content materials can be at a premium, and are definitely worth farming if this is the route you choose to take!

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Gold with Crafting Professions:

A Crafting Profession is any profession that creates new items from Raw Materials collected by Gathering Professions.

In Shadowlands, you can make a ton of gold making and selling Level 60 armor and Legendary Bases.

There are also a ton of great Transmog Items and Twink Items that can be sold for a large profit on the Auction House.

Want to make EVEN more gold? Erosium has  many different TSM Strings ready to go for professions availble through his Patreon! You can find the strings Here.

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Gold from Farming Transmog:

Before we start, we need to ask, What Is Transmog? Transmog is an In-Game system that allows you to transform your armors Appearance into that of a different item. This is purely cosmetic, and some items are highly sought after for these effects!

Transmog is a very lucrative category, but it can take awhile to sell. Transmog Items are items that don’t serve much purpose outside of looking nice. People will pay a premium for some of the more rare or obscure Transmogs in the game, and many of them you can farm yourself given enough time and patience!

Keep an eye out for new Transmog Farming guides coming in the future! (Editor’s note: Check out Erosium’s patreon for exclusive farm info, or be ahead of the curve and see what he is working on before it get’s released on YouTube!)

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Gold from Farming Mounts and Toys:

There are many World drop Mounts and Toys that can be sold on the Auction House for large sums of gold. 

Mounts of note are the BFA World drop mounts.

Toys of note are the Gnomish Dice which can be pick pocketed in Uldum!

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Enjoyed This Gold Guide? 

Hopefully this will help you get a jumpstart on your Gold making journey. We are excited to hear about your adventures on the way to gold cap!

Feel free to join the Gaming Hero Discord if you have any questions or just want to chat!

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