Crusader Enchant Farm

Crusader Enchant Farm

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Today we are moving backwards in time, to the simpler days! The days of Humans versus the Undead. We are going to channel our inner (scarlet) Crusader, and be prepared to tackle to new toons and the Mage Tower! (And make a killer profit in the meantime.)

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What: Formula: Enchant Weapon – Crusader

Where: Tyr’s Hand, South Eastern EPL (Eastern Plaguelands) 

Why: To collect the formula to learn or sell. 

How: By slaughtering the converted Scarlet Archmages in Tyr’s Hand. (Tip from Erosium: Kill every scarlet NPC you see to speed up the respawn of the Archmages, as well as increase your chance of getting some good transmog!)

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Make sure to check out Erosium’s video, where he discusses how to get the enchant. You even get to see it drop mid farm! Make sure to Like, Subscribe, and check out even more AWESOME live streams on Mondays and Fridays!

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What is the Crusader Enchant?

The Crusader Enchant is a Weapon Enchant. It gives your attacks a chance to procc a Heal, and a considerable Strength boost!

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Why should I farm the Crusader Enchant?

Crusader is a very strong enchant to apply to an Heirloom Strength weapons, especially for Fury Warriors!

The formula is worth anywhere from 20k gold, to 150k gold depending on server.

Thanks to Timewalking, the Crusader Enchant is ridiculously strong for the Mage Tower event. This leads to VERY high prices for the formula, as well as premade enchants ready to be used!

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Where can I farm this amazing enchant?

This enchant can be gotten at the Scarlet town Tyr’s Hand in the Eastern Plaguelands. See the circled area on the map to the left!

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Enjoyed This Farming Guide? 

I hope that this will help you get your own Crusader Formula! Remember to farm them in advance, or have the materials to make your own scrolls of enchant prior to the next Legion Timewalking event for easy gold!

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Deus Farm! … wait….

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