How to make a CLEAN UI!

How to Make A CLEAN UI!

What’s up Gaming Heroes!

Look at your UI, now back to me, now back to your UI, it is BEAUTIFUL!

Come along with us as we give you some tips and tricks to streamline your User Interface so that you can become a next level WoW Pro!

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Addons Erosium Uses!

Have you ever wanted to get your UI to look like Erosium’s? Here is a list of the Addons he uses to get that CLEAN look! Click the addon names for a link to their Curseforge page!







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Bartender is an addon that lets you change and manipulate your Action Bars.

This allows you to move bars, anchor bars together, make new groups, and just overall move your Action Bars into a place that makes sense to you.

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Masque (And Masque-Cirque!)-

Masque is an addon that lets you change the visual appearance of your action bar. It will let you make things larger, smaller, or even change the shape!

If you use Masque-Cirque it will change your action bar buttons into circles! There are many extra Plugins that you can install for Masque to change it into different shapes!

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Details (Streamer Plugin)-

If you are an avid Addon User, you probably know about the API tracking addon Details, that tracks Damage, interrupts, healing, and even threat. But, did you know, it can also display the spells and abilities that you are using? This will allow you to see exactly what you are using and in what order, as well as being able to show off to your viewers!

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WeakAuras are a Jack-of-all-Trades. It can show you timers, cooldowns, special alerts and notifications, and much more.

On this list, WeakAuras are the most complicated and PC intensive adjustments, but they can be SUPER useful. Checkout this website:  you will be able to find other players custom made auras for all classes!

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SexyMap is an addon that allows you to make AWESOME custom mini-maps for your characters! It hides all those pesky addon buttons until moused over. It can be customized in SO MANY WAYS! Make sure to check out Erosium’s video where he sets-up his amazing maps!

Erosium’s Spotlight Video:

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What’s up Gaming Heroes!

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