How to make your first 250k

How to get to your first 250k

What’s up Gaming Heroes!

Welcome! Want to take your first foray into gold making then look no further.

This guide will give you the tools necessary to make some steady income ready to either pay for that token or set your goldmaking journey alight!

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This guide will set you up with what you need to know to start building up your gold reserves by doing different tasks such as mining, herbalism, skinning and also some content farming.

Whilst you can pick up on one or two of these write ups, it is suggested that you look at all the options on the guide to diversify your auction house and revenue streams

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Addons Worth Picking up

  • Worth it – To see which farms are best suited to pick up some decent gold based on current prices on your realm
  • TSM – a staple addon to have when gold farming as this will give you a real time idea of items and materials that are worth selling simply by hovering over it and compliments other addons here such as Worth it
  • Gathermate2 – make sure you also download the gathermate2_data as this will mark on the map the places where most ores, herbs, treasures are within each zone
  • Routes – This compliments worth it. You can load this up and import a route for any material you are farming and it will show you the most efficient route to complete your farm

I suggest that you have a watch of this gold guide posted on the youtube page which will give you more context around what you can do and give you a nice and simple walkthrough around making your first steps into gold making.

Below we are also going to showcase some other methods that you can do to boost your coffers and set you on your way to 250k!

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I can feel it in the Air!

  • What – Volatile Air
  • Where – The Vortex Pinnacle
  • Why – Old content material in demand due to transmog
  • How – Vortex pinnacle is located in the south section of Uldum on Kalimdor. You will run the instance on normal mode up to the second boss. Once you have killed the second boss you simply jump off and it will bring you back to the start. Once this happens you will walk out, reset the instance and start again. Please note, you can only do 10 runs an hour due to instance lockout
  • This dungeon not only gives you an abundance of volatile airs, but it is also good for raw gold from sales of vendor items as well as gold from all the mobs.
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It’s about to get Fiery!

  • What – Raw gold and Materials
  • Where – Firelands
  • Why – Decent amount of raw gold and old content materials
  • Before you start – Pick up a potion of treasure finding for extra loot!
  • How – Get yourself over the firelands (using the portal to Mount Hyjal) and set the raid difficulty to 25 man. All you will be doing here is killing the trash mobs in the zone.  If you have skinning you can also skin the Scorpions and Turtles in the instance for extra loot (Savage Leather) to boost your gold. Open all chests and vendor all trash items. Rinse and repeat until you hit Instance Lockout!
  • Be aware – Do not kill ANY bosses in this instance otherwise you will not be able to reset the instance and will be locked out
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Lets do some current content!

  • What – Sinvyr Ore and/or Widowbloom
  • Where – Revendreth, Shadowlands
  • Why – Current content materials 
  • How – Once you get to Revendreth make sure that you load worth it and import the route for both Sinvyr Ore and Widowbloom. Make sure that you have flying set up as you will need this. Follow the route (in red) around the zone picking up every herb/ore that you see and continue this route until you have completed it for around 60-90 minutes
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  • When growing your gold balance, never concentrate solely on one farm. It is always worth filling up your bank with additional resources and extra items but the key here is to get your gold and keep a steady flow of income whilst completing other activities whether it be gold related or not.
  • Make sure that you are selling multiple different items on the auction house rather than 1 single item. This means that you will open multiple revenue streams to get you on your way to that 250k gold target. Do not be worried if an item does not sell straight away and do not sell the item for less than it’s worth. Patience in the short term will lead to heavy pockets in the long term!
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What’s up Gaming Heroes!

If you have any questions, or just want to share your progress to making your first 250k, make sure to join our Discord and share them in the #Pictures tab!


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