New to gold making

NEW to Gold Making

What’s up my fellow Gaming Heroes!

In today’s guide we will go over some simple gold making methods to get you started on your gold making journey.

In this article I am assuming you have no gold or below 5k gold and have no previous gold making knowledge. The below methods are designed around the priority of making gold as quickly as possible and as reliably as possible with no upfront investment.

The Primary focus will be on Gathering farms as they are simple to do, with relatively low risk and in my experience the materials will move off the auction house quickly and give you that starting gold and ideally get you to your first 100k gold.

Let me quickly explain cancel scanning as I will reference it later in the article and it is necessary if you are struggling to get sales this can happen when you have competition. A cancel scan is an option available through the trade skill master addon and all this does is check if your auctions have been undercut. The idea behind this is so you can make sure your auctions are the last posted on the Auction house, you do not need to Undercut the competition by a value amount, but you are more likely to get sales if you are the newest auction because then your auctions sell first. I suggest posting for 12 hours maximum to avoid this where possible and to lower deposit fees which will really help save you some gold in the beginning.


Quick addon notice, I use the addon Worthit, I would recommend that you download and install that as it will show you approximately how much gold you are going to make from a certain farm per hour. There will be a worth it guide on the website coming soon!
NB: please remember to check the sale rate on the Worthit addon before you go out and farm I suggest you go for things with a sale rate of 0.7 or above in order to make sure you are farming items that will sell quickly enough to get your gold coming in.
So once you have Worthit installed you can open it and it will show you what is worth farming on your realm as each realm is different, you can also import the route from the addon that you can follow around the map and this makes it extremely easy to farm.


Now let’s get started with breaking down the gathering professions.

A good profession to start with is Mining as both the ores and bars still sell well.

A few good starting ores are Elementium ore, Saronite ore, Fel iron ore and cobalt ore. These are my personal old-world favorites for some starting gold.

If you get into a situation where you have farmed these for example at 400 of each ore and you are doing cancel scans, but they still aren’t selling, go back to farming the ore and then use any extra ore you get over the 400 ore mark and turn into Bars. With this method you will be covering two different markets both namely the ores and the bars and you should start to see some sales at this point. From there when some ores or bars sell go and farm them again and keep them restocked and you will be on your way to the 100k mark.


Herbalism is great if you have shadowlands as the herbs will sell very quickly use worth it and see which shadowlands herbs are selling for the most and go farm those you will see some quick sales with this.

If you are looking for old world herbs, I suggest Cataclysm herbs mainly whiptail and Ashara’s veil as they are needed for the Vial of sands mount and still sell quickly and at a good price

Skinning is the last gathering profession we are going to talk about.

If you have shadowlands go out and do some skinning the profits are not as insane as when the expansion came out, but they are still sitting at a really good Gold per hour and the leathers will sell pretty quickly. If you are looking for old world skinning options that sell well, I would suggest savage leather from Cataclysm, or Dredged leather as well as heavy leather. All these options sell relatively well but no where near the speed or price of Shadowlands skinning.

Once you get to around 100k I would suggest investing into some crafting professions as this can create a solid trickle of profit into your pocket daily, with very little time investment this can be done in many ways and will be covered in a later article.

Once you have gotten your starting 100k and have gotten into two crafting professions and gotten back into a spot where you have an around 100k again or even a bit higher if that is your goal because you will use a fair chunk of gold to get your crafting professions setup. It is at this point where I would suggest you start with Diversifying your Auction house by getting into some slower selling but higher valued material farms or even some transmog farms as all of that will add to your daily gold and even if they sell slower you have your fast selling materials and your crafted items bringing in that daily gold and then the other better “valued” items are a nice boost when they sell.

Word of warning when starting out with gold making don’t start with Crafting as this has a fairly high upfront investment or AH flipping as this has a very high risk to it and it is very complicated or transmog as this sells quite slowly these techniques are more advisable for an advance gold maker.

The idea behind starting with gathering profession is to get you the bank balance to get you into the mentality that you don’t need gold and that you have enough gold. That spot Is different for everyone it can be at 100k or 500k or 1 million gold, but it is when you feel like you have a lot of gold and you don’t have the need for gold you can step into the more advance techniques.

If you need more help join up on the discord and ask there is always someone willing to help and you can get a good idea as to what sells and what does in the discord where people share their progress and share their mailbox openings.

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