Rogue Pick Pocket Guide – Uldum

Rogue Pick Pocket Guide- Uldum!

What’s up Gaming Heroes!

It is time for us to dust off our Rogues and explore the world in search of some amazing treasure and toys, specifically those in peoples pockets!

Our first stop on the globe-trotting journey is in Uldum. Break out your best Indiana Jones Cosplay and lets get some dice!

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Erosium’s Uldum Pick Pocket Guide!

If you would prefer this info in Video Format, Erosium has a fantastic YouTube Video just for you! Erosium has many videos in his Catalogue, and there is a video for almost any topic imaginable! If you have a a request, feel free to drop it in our Community Discord, or in the comments of Erosium’s videos!

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What: Loaded Gnomish Dice

Where: Makers Ascent- Uldum

How: By pick pocketing Humanoids in Cataclysm content. (Specifically in this High Pop Area!)

Why: The toy can be sold for a hefty profit, and is also a ton of fun for collectors!

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What are we Farming?

Loaded Gnomish Dice is a toy that can ONLY be obtained by Rogues! When used, it rolls a random number in chat.

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Where do we farm this?

The best place, hands down (or in pockets) to get this toy is in Makers Ascent in Uldum. This area has the highest amount of Pick Pocketable Humanoids in Cataclysm Content.

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Cool, how do we get the Dice?

The Loaded Gnomish Dice is obtained via Pick Pocketing. The best method for farming these dice is to Pick Pocket a group of the Paratroopers, kill them all, then move to the next group. Repeat all the way to the top of Makers Ascent.

Loop back around and  everyone will be respawned and their Pockets are ripe for the Picking!

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But… Why?

Why, dear reader, for GOLD! And collecting, but mostly the gold.

The Loaded Gnomish Dice has an average sale price of about 50k. That makes this an ideal farm for those that want to make gold, but do not have any of the “Meta” classes for farming.

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Want to know how much the dice are worth for you?

Check out Oribos.Exchange, a website dedicated to checking prices cross server, setup in a great User Friendly setup!

Simply enter your realm in the top left, and then search for your item!


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All thats left.

All you have to do now is go out there and start farming!

I hope that this guide has served you well, and if you have any questions feel free to ask in the Patron Section of the Discord!

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