Sanguine Depths Normal/HC in Depth Guide

Sanguine Depths

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This guide is going to be an In-Depth breakdown of How to complete Sanguine Depths in Normal and Heroic difficulty.

Sanguine Depths Basics

Entrance: The entrance to Sanguine Depths (SD) is in Revendreth. It is just south of the flight master Menagerie of the Master. For heroic and normal you can just use group finder to get there and inside.

Covenant Bonus: For every Shadowlands dungeon there is a bonus ability or buff that the entire group can receive if you have someone who is the correct covenant. For SD that is Venthyr. As you progress through the dungeon there are small glowing red Anima Cages about. If someone who is a Venthyr convent clicks on the cage (it has a cast time) a large area begins to glow red. Pull the enemy mobs into this area. If they die while in it, every person in the group will receive a 5% damage increase, stacking 10 times. This buff has a limited time but can be very useful if the group wants to get it then do a big pull or a hard pack.


In Normal and Heroic the Route is fairly straightforward. There are a few dead ends or random rooms you do not need and a few skips you can use. The beside image is a fairly standard route that most people will use for a normal or Heroic run. The pulls are grouped so you can see how many enemies should be pulled when you begin going into mythic runs.

After the 2nd boss there is a small corridor that leads to a hole in the floor. Jump into this to continue the dungeon and reach the 3rd and 4th bosses. The arrow on the image is where the hole will be located.

Noteworthy Mobs

This is an overview of the most dangerous mobs.

Note: It is important all members of your party should be using interrupting abilities (if they have one). This dungeon has a lot of dangerous casts that can one shot players or seriously harm your party if they are not interrupted.

1. Regal Mistdancer: This mob does not have an interrupt cast but does cast “Echoing Thrust”. This ability casts red mist in the direction they are facing. It does heavy damage to anyone caught inside of it. The issue is that every time they cast it they also recast all the ones they previously cast. This can quickly overwhelm any party if the mob is not focused and quickly dealt with.

2. Grand Overseer: Has several abilities. It has one that can be interrupted but is not a priority. The ability you must be aware of, especially as a melee or if you are in close quarters, is “Dread Bindings”. This chains every player within range and does continual damage to them while they are chained. To break the chains you must simply run away. You should also be aware that the mob will put a stacking debuff on the entire party. This reduces all damage dealt and healing done by everyone.

3. Depths Warden: On its own this mob is not very dangerous if tanked. The issue arises due to its ability “Barbed Shackles”.  This should always be interrupted by someone in the party. If it is not interrupted it will lock a player in place and do large amounts of damage. This can be healed through or survived if you use a Defensive cooldown. The main issue arises because there are always other mobs with it. Some of these will cast area of effect spells on a target location that if you do not dodge can one shot you. The Barbed shackles can be broken by some class abilities. You should not rely on this, just make sure you interrupt it!

4. Remnant of Fury: The red ghost. “Explosive Anger” This must be interrupted by the party! If it is not interrupted it must be dispelled from the targeted player. The ability will put a red circle around the targeted player and cause continual damage over an 8 sec period while it also increases damage taken by that player and anyone else inside the circle. After 8 secs it will explode causing massive damage and usually 1 shotting the player and anyone else caught inside the circle unless they use an immunity.

There are several mobs during this run that will cast “Curse of Suppression” on a party member. This should be a focused interrupt as it will silence the affected player. If this goes on your group Healer, it can quickly lead to a wipe (Everyone dying).


This is an overview of the Bosses in SD. It is important to note that all members of your party should be using interrupting abilities if they have one. 


Boss 1: Stack in front of charge, interupt Hungering Drain. Run through the orbs left by living essences

Boss 2: Kill the add. Move away from group when focused by Castigate. Move the boss out of red pools.

Boss 3: Loose spread. Stack into glowing area when boss casts Rite of Supremacy. Dodge the Endless Torment. Tank use CD on Iron Spikes.

Boss 4: Stack into glowing circle when boss is casting Gloom Squall. Dodge the Piercing Blur. Light spread to avoid more damage from Wicked Rush.

Kryxis the Voracious:

TANK:  turn the boss around and have the boss facing the closed gate. He does not cleave so this is not 100% needed it just makes seeing and reacting to some other mechanics and abilities easier.


  1. Vicious Headbutt: is cast on the player with the current threat. It does heavy damage and the tank should use a minor defensive on it.

2. Hungering Drain:  is an interruptible cast that anyone in the party can interrupt. It does damage to all nearby players and gives a stacking buff to the boss that increases his damage.

3. Living Essences: is a knock back that affects the entire party. The boss will jump into the air and knock back every player in the party. When he does so an orb will appear where you were standing prior the knockback. This orb slowly moves its way towards the boss. If it touches the boss it will heal and increase his damage. To stop the orbs touching the boss every player should simply run into the orb they left behind. Be warned each orb that is touched by a player will deal damage so make sure you are not too low HP before you run through it. In Mythic and Mythic + it will instead deal damage to the entire party so running into the orbs must be staggered. A good tip for melee and the tank is to move slightly away from the boss as he is casting it so you have a chance to run into the orbs before they hit the boss.

4. Juggernaut Rush: the boss will mark a random player with an arrow above their head and charge them. Each player he passes through will reduce the damage he does to his target. The targeted player should make sure there is some distance between themselves and the boss and the rest of the party should stack in front of them, reducing the damage. Some classes with immunities or large defensives can solo this mechanic. Such as Mage “Ice Block ” or Hunter “Turtle”. If you have such a class or player in the party they will usually run to the side of the boss instead of behind the party and use it. If you see this you do not need to stack in front of the boss to reduce the damage.

Executor Tarvold

Tank: You want to pull the boss down towards the section of corridor you have already cleared. Keep him to on the side so your party has room to move around and dodge his abilities. When the add dies each time you will need to drag him further down the corridor to move out of the damaging blood on the floor.

1. Fleeting Manifestation: is an add the boss spawns periodically. This add MUST be focused down by the entire party. While it is alive it does continual party wide damage that increases the longer it is alive as well as growing larger. It is fairly weak so it can be killed quickly but the entire group must focus on it. When it dies it will leave behind a large red pool that does damage if inside it. The longer the add is alive the larger the pool.

2. Castigate: focuses on a single player with the spell. This puts a large red circle around them and does continual damage to the player and anyone else inside the circle. The player will need healing while this is active unless they use an immunity. The focused player should move to the side of the corridor and stand still while the rest of the party moves out of the circle so they are not damaged as well. If melee this will mean stopping DPS and moving away so you do not continually damage the tank. If the player is a Night Elf they can also use Shadow Meld this ability which will cancel the cast. Whoever it is focused on should use a defensive spell if possible.

Mythic and Mythic + only ability! There are 2 red whirlwinds (Red Swirlies) going up and down the corridor. Each whirlwind moves in a different direction along the corridor. They pass each other where the boss spawns so if you pull the boss along the path you have cleared to him slightly you will be able to dodge the whirlwinds. Stay on one side of the corridor. As one of the whirlwinds approaches you move to the other side. The 2nd whirlwind will then be coming from the opposite direction on the other side of the corridor so simply move back across the corridor to dodge the 2nd. This leads to a zig zag going left and right in the corridor but if done correctly you will not be hit by either. If you are hit you receive a debuff that reduces haste as well as taking damage. The debuff can be dispelled but if several players are hit the healer will not be able to dispel you all, so it is best to avoid it where possible.

Grand Proctor Beryllia

This is the 3rd boss. After killing the 2nd boss you will jump down the drain into a large circular room. There will be 5 mobs and the boss. Two packs of 2 and 1 patrol. The mobs should be killed before pulling the boss.

Tank: should keep the boss in the center of the room and tank it there.

DPS: Loosely spread around the boss.

1. Rite of Supremacy: during the encounter the boss will have an energy bar that will increase over time. Once the bar reaches 100 energy it will cast this ability. To mitigate and avoid being 1 shot by this everyone should run and stack inside the glowing circle that spawns in the room. After a few seconds cast the boss will do party wide damage dealing massive damage to anyone not inside the glowing area.

2. Iron Spikes: is a tank only ability and can deal serious damage if no mitigation is used. It is advised the tank rotate their mitigation abilities for this as the boss will cast it several times during the encounter.

3. Endless Torment: after casting “Rite of Supremacy” the boss will cast this. It creates pale swirls all around the room usually targeting party members. It is advised the party spreads out and avoids being hit by any of these swirls. They deal massive damage and if people are stacked up are harder to dodge.


After Grand Proctor Beryllia there is a Naru (golden shield) at the top of the stairs. The tank should run and pick that up. Just click it to pick it up. When they do an action button will appear for them in the middle of the screen. This will be used during the Gauntlet and final boss battle.

After that there are 2 packs of mobs. The first just line of sight and pull it out the door. Watch out for the traps on the floor the mobs drop as they can do high amounts of damage. AoE it all down and move into the corridor with the 2nd pack.

This pack is very dangerous. It has 3 mobs. Regal Mistdance, Grand Overseer and Chamber Sentinel. Two of the mobs can be pulled separately if you target the one on the far left and use a single target spell or range ability. Some groups prefer to focus on the Mistdancer others the Overseer. It will depend on your group and if you have several melee or ranged classes with you. Personally I like to focus the Mistdancer due to the Echoing Thrust casting in all the same places it was cast in previously. This can quickly overwhelm the group and certainly kill any melee.

After dealing with these packs there is the Gauntlet. As soon as anyone in your party touches the bridge after the 2nd pack the gauntlet begins. Everyone in the party will be in combat until you have got to the end and made General Kaal run away to her final confrontation room. As you progress down the corridor killing the packs of mobs and fighting General Kaal there are several things to note.

General Kaal will cast several of her final boss fight abilities while fighting her in the corridor so you can know what to expect in the final battle. As you progress down the corridor Stonewall Gargons will spawn periodically. Two spawn at a time and run down the corridor towards the party and attack so be prepared for them along with the packs of mobs and General Kaal.

After General Kaal runs away the first time and regroups in her 2nd position there is an Anima Cage there that is very useful for the gauntlet. If you have a Venthyr it is definitely advised they use the cage and the tank pulls the mobs into the area so the party has increased damage for the duration of the buff.

While fighting General Kaal in the gauntlet she will cast two of her final abilities.

1. Gloom Squall: at 100 energy. When she casts this the player that picked up the Naru (golden shield) should use the action button they have. This will spawn a glowing area around that player. Every party member should stack inside so they do not receive damage or get knocked back by the bosses ability.

2. Wicked Rush: is the other ability she will cast while in the Gauntlet. She will charge 2 players, damaging them and putting a bleed on them. Also putting a bleed on anyone else within 5 yards of the target players. The party should spread out for this so only the targeted players get the bleed so the healer can keep them up.

Once your party has made General Kaal run and regroup three times the Stone Bears will stop spawning and you can exit combat. After that  you will have 2 packs of mobs left that are simple to handle before you face General Kaal again in your final confrontation of the Dungeon.

You will face her on a small balcony without much room to move. The entire party must dodge all of the abilities she casts and make sure they are not knocked off the platform by Gloom Squall.

Tank: You should keep her in position on pull then move her out of Piercing Blur each time it is cast. When she teleports to 1 side of the platform and begins casting Gloom Squall run to her and use the action button if you picked up the Naru. This will spawn the safe zone for your party. Aim to do it in melee range of the boss so your party can continue to dps while she casts.

1. Gloom Squall: the boss will teleport to one side of the platform you are fighting her on and begin to cast. The entire party should run to her and the player with the Naru “golden shield” should use their action button. This will spawn “Shining Radiance” the golden protection area. If you are not within the protection when the boss finishes casting you will take massive damage and be knocked back. With the platform you are fighting her on being so small you will likely be knocked off the side and die so it is very important you are within the Shining Radiance area.

2. Wicked Rush: she will mark two random players with an arrow and charge them putting a bleed effect and damaging anyone within 5 yards of the target players. The party should be spread out to reduce any damage and help your healer manage.

3. Piercing Blur: will be ghost images of General Kaal spawning on the sides of the platform. There will be red mist and red pattern on the floor between the 2 ghost images. After a few seconds delay the ghosts rush to each other blowing up the marked area. This does large amounts of damage to anyone caught inside. Avoid the area and tanks should pull the boss out of it so melee do not get hit either.

At 50% hp the boss will stun the entire party and flee again. This is the end of the encounter. Get your loot and enjoy!

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