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Shadowlands Mission Table

What’s up Gaming Heroes!

I know for a fact that one of the most time consuming parts of any new expansion is leveling up the mission tables. That’s why Erosium has researched and experimented to find the FASTEST way for us to get it  DONE!

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Save yourself MONTHS!

Mission tables are regarded as one of the most time consuming activities in Shadowlands, locked behind Months of failed missions, time-gating, and renown grinds… but is this true?

The biggest advantage you can give yourself is a full roster of level 60 Troops, the little guys at the bottom of your follower page. How do troops increase your chances? Because their level never changes! The stats only go up, so 4 level 60 troops can STEAMROLL a level 20 mission, regardless of what follower they are escorting!

This will give you many more wins, way more gold, and most importantly, open up much better rewards faster via leveling your table through completing Mission Table Level missions!

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Erosium’s GUIDE  Video!

Check out Erosium’s guide on both HOW to SPEEDRUN  the MISSION TABLE and How to use the TLDR Addon. The top video will show exactly how he does it. The bottom video will covered just the Speedrun Tactic. 

Erosium’s SPEED RUN Video!

Before we get started, I want to share the Exclusive video that Erosium has put together showing off this amazing strategy. Please don’t share this far and wide, but have an awesome time getting your new Alt Army passive gold ready!

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Now, time for some science!

You might be asking, just how does the mission table decide what level my troops are?

Well, between Erosium and our friends at Venture Plan we have found that the TROOP level is decided by the average level of your followers. However the level of troops NEVER decreases!

Why is this important? If you have 2 followers, and get the first to 60, but the 2nd is still level 1, then your troops will only be level 30, as that is the average of all of your CURRENT followers. But, if you only have 1, and get it to 60, then your troops are level 60, as that is your average level of all followers!

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What does this mean for us?

I’m glad you asked dear Patron! This means that if you only have 1 follower, get it to 60, and THEN recruit the rest, you will have a roster of level 60 troops to send on missions with all of your level 1 followers!  (Note from Erosium: It is very important that you recruit ONLY 1 follower, and funnel ALL Follower EXP items to that single follower.)

This enables you to power level your Mission Table level and power it to max, granting you the HIGHEST level rewards possible!

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So… All I have to do is get my first follower to 60? How do I do that?

You can utilize Wisps of Memory, as well as the BoA Follower EXP tokens from higher level mission tables to speed a single follower to 60. 

To get EXP Items, you can buy a level 30 boost for 10k Anima from  Au’Dara. (the vendor by the flight master in Oribos.)

You get 2 free wisps of memory by leveling your Renown with your Covenant. (First is at level 52, the second is at 67.)

Want to get 4k Anima fast? Select a Covenant, go to the above vendor, and spend 500 gold to level your Renown to 40, abandon the covenant and pick up another. Repeat until done 4 times, you now have 4k worth of Anima Items in your bag, waiting for turn in!

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BEFORE you go… You need to know this final TIP! Download the addon: TLDR. This is an all inclusive Mission Table Addon for configuring your Mission Table in Shadowlands. This will save your quite Literally THOUSANDS of hours researching, calculating mission success chance etc… Why spend the effort when you can use the addon to do the work for you? I have nothing to gain by you trying the addon, its just a good addon.

TLDR Addon Link: 

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Enjoyed This Gold Guide? 

Hopefully this will help you get a jumpstart on your Gold making journey. We are excited to hear about your adventures on the way to gold cap!

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