Spirit of harmony shuffle

Spirit of Harmony Shuffle

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Man, I love Pandaria, besides being a beautiful looking continent it had and still has a huge gold making potential. Part of it is the Spirit of Harmony shuffle, which I’ll explain you here. 

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What is the shuffle? 

You can loot Motes of Harmony while enjoying content if Pandaria or buy Motes and Spirits of Harmony from the auction house. Those Spirits can be used for crafting, but you can also trade them with Krystal at the Shrine of Seven Stars to receive different materials.

There is another trader at Shrine of Two Moons for horde players, but fun fact: you can actually trade with either of the NPCs despite your faction.

If you can’t find the NPC on the upper terrace of the shrine then you need to talk to Zidorni to change at Mogu’shan Palace to switch timelines.

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Tier 2 Patreon Guide

If you are Tier 2 Patron, I suggest you also check out the Daily Gold Print Guide, it has a very nice synergy with the Spirit of Harmony shuffle.

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Material selling

You can sell your exchanged material directly to the auction house if you can find a good deal. Usually its worth checking the prices of Golden Lotus and various ores. 

If you buy a Spirit of Harmony for 100g and the price of Golden Lotus is 75g on your server, then you can profit a total of 50g per Spirit of Harmony excluding the auction house fee.

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You can use Golden Lotus to transmute various uncommon gems to their rare equivalent. Those are a much needed material for mount crafting, please check out the Jewelled Panthers Guide for further details.

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High cost material and crafted items

When trading your Spirit of Harmony to Ghost Iron Ore or Trillium Ore, you can craft bars from it or even transmute Living Steel and sell those. Or you use it for own crafting purposes, such as the Sky Golem or crafted Transmog items.

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That’s it!

This is another niche opportunity to earn you some easy gold. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the #patrons-only channel in Discord!

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