Tazavesh: Gambit M+

What’s up Gaming Heroes! This guide is a step by step, pull by pull guide for Gambit. What mobs to watch for, when to use hero, bosses and route. The route used in this guide is my favorite but by no means the only one. If you enjoy reading this guide consider supporting Erosium on Patreon to access more guides!


There are many different routes your group can take to finish this dungeon. The route in the picture is assuming you are in a +10 and have the shrouded mobs throughout the dungeon. Your group may decide to take a different route. The shrouded mobs help give you extra % as well as giving you your stat buff. If the run is less than a +10 you can still use the same route; you will just need to kill the panthers you would otherwise skip.

Note: With all the murloc packs your group needs to watch out for the smaller White murlocs called Murkbrine Scale Binder. These need stunning as they begin to cast invigorating fishsticks; this ability cannot be interrupted except with a stun or some kind of crowd control. If the cast goes through it puts a fish stick down that heals the murlocs while it is alive. The group has to focus on killing this totem if the CC is missed on the cast.

Warning!! Murlocs RUN!! Remember this and kill the runners before they can pull another pack. Do not ignore them thinking another of your group will get it or you will become quickly overwhelmed.

First pull

When the timer has finished counting down and you start your run, you want to jump off the platform and go to the left. As the dungeon has just started everyone has all their cooldowns so you want to do a big pull. The tank needs to pull both packs of murlocs and the patrols small pack as well as the giant. The tank needs to use defensive cds. The group should then use the hero and all their cds and kill the pack very quickly.

Beware the giants they do a lot of group damage and throw a stone at a targeted location where a player is standing. It can one shot so just move to avoid it.

The next two pulls are small, just one pack each. This is to allow some CDs to come off before a very dangerous pull. CC the Scale binders during their cast and focus kill them, then aoe the rest of the pack.

The pack just before the next giant has two Scale Binders in it. This makes this group very dangerous. If the group does not CC the casts on both, everyone will need to instantly switch to the sticks and kill them. The invigorating fishsticks cannot be cleaved or aoe down; they must be single targeted. There is a patrol of small murlocs here as well, your group should take the patrol with the large dangerous pack. Once this group is dead, pull the giant and kill it solo before the next pack.

Depending on the level of the mythic this pack can be very dangerous and can cause major issues if unprepared. If below +10 mythic this pack is much the same as all the others CC the Scale Binder kill them all. If the mythic is +10 or above this pack will have the Shrouded mini boss in as well, pull the pack back to where the giant was so your group has some free space. If the shrouded mini boss is in the pack, focus down and kill the murlocs first before switching to the mini boss. Once on the mini boss move out of the large purple swirl around the dread lady when it casts, stun or fear the bat to stop its cast and break the shield and interrupt the drain life as quickly as you can.

The next two pulls before the boss are fairly simple but can do some serious damage if not prepared. Pull one pack at a time. That is two large  sentinels standing in the doorways. These mobs put a large circle around themselves that deals a large amount of damage and knocks back anyone caught inside of it. Simply move out of the circles when they appear. These mobs also put down a straight line of lightning that stays on the floor and damages anyone inside it. Move out of the lightning. Pull the first two into the hallway they are protecting and pull them to the side so your healer and ranged dps can stay out of range of them on the opposite side of the hall. Move them out of lightning so melee dps can dps them. Run out of the large circles they create and move back in once it has finished casting. Repeat this for the next back as well.

First boss: Hylbrande

Quick Guide: Hero if off CD

Tank: Turn boss around, use console to tell the group where the orbs go.

DPS: Focus adds, run away from laser, put orbs into the right pedestal

Healer: Run away from the laser, put orbs into the right pedestal.


The tank should run to pick up the boss and turn him around. He occasionally does a large frontal so needs to be turned from the group. Two ads periodically spawn that should be focused down and killed by the dps. The will heal the boss if given the opportunity, it cannot be interrupted except with crowd control abilities.

Purged by Fire: A laser will focus on a random player not the tank and follow them. Run away and dodge.

Sanitizing Cycle: The boss will run into the center of the room and become immune to damage. Four orbs will appear around him that need to be picked up and placed in the corresponding pedestals. There is one in each corner. To find the correct one someone needs to use the Console at the front of the room then tell the group which color goes to which corner. There is an weakaura to make this easier https://wago.io/TazaveshConsole .

Once the boss is dead go through the portal that spawns to get to the next area.

In the next area you will have to face some very strong mobs that are tank killers. Be careful of your pull sizes and rotate your CDs as needed.

Burly Deckhand: These enrage then cast an ability Backhand this deals massive damage and when enraged it is worse. It is advised to use CDs and kite the mobs where possible.

If the tank has some CDs they can pull all the mobs after the portal and the group can aoe and kill them quickly. If the tank begins to run make sure to slow and stun the mobs so the tank can kite then and not be one shot. Remember there is a Nathrezim Infiltrator in the cave next to the second pack.

If it is a fortified week it would be advised to do these packs separately. First the two burly deckhands patrolling and the one fishing, after they are dead then the other deckhand, Nathrezim infiltrator and Tidesage.

As you continue there will be some RP between the boss and the person you are chasing. If you are quick you can pull the far pack on the beach before the RP finishes and the pack moves into the center of the beach. You should aim to do this as it is often accidentally pulled when it moves into its new location after the RP and while you are fighting a different pack.

Interrupt the Hourglass tide sages, kite the Burly Deck Hands when required. Once the beach has been cleared of all three packs you can fight the boss.

Second Boss: Timecap’n Hooktail

Quick Guide:

Tank: Face the boss towards the boat and use her frontal breath to kill the ads that periodically spawn and focus the rest of the party. Be sure to move out of her breath when it locks into place before it is cast.

DPS: Be on the side of the boss to make the ads that spawn move in into closer formation so the tank can hit them all easier. Dodge the cannon balls and do not stand in fire. Never be behind the boss as you can get hooked on the tail. When harpooned and pulled towards the ship, run the opposite direction and avoid the cannon balls fire.

Healer: Heal the group and keep them alive. Same as DPS, be close to the boss, dodge balls and do not get hooked on the tail.


The tank should run and pull the boss. Pull the boss as close to the cliff wall where she is standing right away. Turn her around to face the ship. As you turn her be careful not to hook the DPS or healer on the tail. When the ads spawn and she casts the front breath, aim the breath at the ads. When she locks the breath into position, run diagonally towards her and out of the cone to get out of it in time before she finishes the cast.

Everyone should dodge the cannon balls which are the large orange swirls. If required move the boss so the group has room around the boss to dps. The swirls leave behind a large pool of fire. Do not stand in it.

Ranged DPS and the healer should also be in melee combat range of the boss. The ads that spawn focus and chase a single target. If the group is stacked up the ads will move towards them closer together making it easier for the tank to kill them with the frontal. It will make dodging the cannons slightly harder but if done correctly removes the threat of the ads that cannot be tanked.

If there are any free ads running around cc them and kite them into the bosses frontal breath.

Once the boss is dead use the next portal to continue.

Infinite Breath: Large frontal breath that knocks back. The tank should turn this to kill the ads as they spawn.It locks into position 2 secs before it fires so the tank has time to move out of it. Try not to turn it into the group and damage them. The boss will require turning to hit the ads if you missed any moving in.

Hookswipe: Hooks anyone behind the boss on its tail. They are unable to move and receive a bleed that does a lot of damage.

Cannon Barrage: Boss calls for a cannon barrage that puts large swirls around the boss room that explode and leave behind fire pools Dodge the swirls and do not stand in the fire.
Anchor Shot: Shots a Anchor at a random player dealing damage and dragging them towards the ship.

Deadly Seas: The sea around this area has deadly sharks in. If you enter the sea and do not get out quickly you will be instantly devoured and killed.

Skip the first mob directly in front of you and you come out of the portal. Just go to the wall and walk around hugging the wall and you should not pull it.

TIP: There is an extra dread lord on the right after the stairs.

In the next 3 packs focus the Ritualists and interrupt them when they cast “Unstable Rift”, if not interrupted this will deal massive damage to the entire party!

The Devoted Accomplice’s all cast “Reinvigorate” which heals the mob that cast it back to full HP. This cast can be interrupted with a normal interrupt as well as any stuns, knock backs or other crowd control effects. Aim to interrupt as many of these as you can.

After killing those three packs you need to deal with the two next to the boss. These are single mobs that are exactly the same but they can be very strong. Only take one at a time unless you have an experienced group.

Adorned Starseer

These have two abilities to be aware of. First off they summon an ad that MUST be focused and nuked down asap as it does continual group wide damage. Wandering Pulsar.

The second ability is Drifting Star. This just fires a large circle in the direction the mob is facing when it casts. Move out of its path and do not stand in front of it. It can and will turn and target a random player when it begins casting.


Quick Guide: 

ALL: Use BL phase 2.

Boss is immune to damage when he teleports to the center of the room until all five stars have been dealt with.

When the boss teleports into the center of the room everyone runs and stands next to one of the stars in the area (one star to one player). When the red arrows appear between you and another player or the boss make sure the arrow is going directly through your specific star.

Dodge the beams that come out of the stars while fighting the boss. If tanked in the correct position it will make them easier to dodge.

Tank: Tank the boss in the north, phase 1 behind the wagon, phase 2 in the alcove.

Healer: Run into Collapsing Star when it spawns. Rule of thumb is run into it twice, heal the group, wait for the debuff to drop and run into once more. You can ignore it when it is in its smallest form.

DPS: Interrupt the ads when they jump away in phase 1. Save big CDs for phase 2.

As you pull the boss the tank should pull it to the wagon on the right hand side of the room. This forces the ads to spawn directly on top of the boss so they are easier for the tank to get  threat on and for the group to dps them down. When the ads spawn, kill them as quickly as possible. They will teleport away and begin casting. If they finish their cast it will most likely be a wipe, their cast can be interrupted with anything and needs to be done so.

At 40% HP the boss transitions into phase 2. She will fully heal and teleport into the center of the room. During this transition she is immune to damage. Each player of the party should position behind 1 of the stars that appears around her. When the red arrows appear between the boss and the players make sure the arrow goes directly through your star. When all five stars have been dealt with the boss will begin attacking again and can be damaged.

The tank should drag the boss to the right or left alcove to give the party more room for the beams that will periodically come from the stars when the boss casts Energy Fragmentation. After a set amount of time the boss will teleport back into the center of the room and become immune again. Repeat the star disruption from before. Move the boss back into position and finish her.

Healers, during this entire encounter the boss will periodically cast Collapsing Star. This will create a circle that you need to run into. Each time you run into it, it will give everyone in the party a Debuff that does damage over time. If you do not run into it at all it will explode after 30 secs and give everyone 4 stacks of the Debuff. This will most likely kill some players without a defensive CD. Rule of thumb to do it is, run into the circle twice giving the group two stacks. Heal everyone back up then run back into the circle once more. This leaves a small circle there that you can just ignore. It will explode giving everyone one stack but is not an issue. Simply keep everyone topped up on health.

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