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Streets Of Wonder M+

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This guide is going to be an In-Depth breakdown of  Streets of Wonder in Mythic + Season 4.

This guide will assume you already know the basics for mythic +. We will go through the route, the pulls, mobs to watch out for, interrupt priorities and bosses. 


There are many different routes your group can take to finish this dungeon. The route in the picture is assuming you are in a +10 and have the shrouded mobs throughout the dungeon. Your group may decide to take a different route. The shrouded mobs help give you extra % as well as giving you your stat buff. If the run is less than a +10 you can still use the same route; you will just need to kill the panthers you would otherwise skip.


Throughout the dungeon there are scattered portals that can be activated. Talk to the NPC next to the portal to activate it. Once activated you can use it to teleport back to the first boss room. Or if your group wipes you can portal from the first boss room to whichever portals are currently active.


The skip is only viable in mythics 10 and above as the group can make up the % on the shrouded mobs that are hiding throughout the dungeon. The panthers are a good pack to skip as they can deal massive damage. To skip them, kill the Direhorn at the top of the stairs and then go to the right of the stairs following the banister to the end. Jump over the banister and onto the small walkway below. Simply walk up the stairs and then hug the wall to the right to skip the panthers. Do not forget the shrouded mob on the walkway where you landed.

+10 extras

The shrouded affix is only in mythics above +10. There will be several non hostile mobs scattered throughout the dungeon. If you are planning on using the skip you must kill 6 of these. There are more scattered throughout the dungeon that you can pull instead or in addition to. 

One: In the room next to where the Ancient core hounds are.

Two: At the bottom walkway where you would jump over the banister to avoid the panthers.

Three: In the hallway to the second boss.

Four: In the Mail Sort room around the corner.

Five: Outside the Oasis club where you do the puzzle to enter.

Six: Inside Oasis at the bottom of the stairs on the left.


To open the door to the oasis which is where the forth boss is in this route you must solve a small puzzle. Once all the RP talking is done, you can buy an item for some silver from a vendor near the door where the bouncer is. Another item is thrown onto the floor that must be picked up. Someone in the group picks up the item and runs it to its associated vendor within the market. They go to the vendor and use the action button to hand it over. The vendor will take the item then drop another which you must give to the next vendor. This is done three times. After the third the vendor will instead give you the password for Oasis. Talk to the bouncer, give him the password and enter the Oasis club. 

Each item is linked to one vendor. You can see what items they have on their stalls or put your cursor over the vendor to see what they are selling. For example, if a skull drops you take it to the fossils vendor, Flute to the music vendor and so on. There are weak auras to help with this but it is easier to just practice it and know which items go to which vendors.
When this event is started enemy patrols will spawn and attack anyone who agros them. These are none elite and easy to kill. Several elite stronger mobs also spawn that focus on the player who is carrying the items and attack only them until killed or they drop the item. These should be crowd controlled by the group and focused down. 

The mobs in this section do not add to the % of the mythic run, so you want to kill as few as possible.

Whoever is carrying the item has slowed movement speed.

There is a cheese tactic to this puzzle. If one player mounts a two player mount such as the Sandstone Drake, the player who has picked up the item can jump onto their back and run to each vendor. This makes the puzzle a lot quicker. Do not jump off the mount at the vendor you can hand in while on the person’s mount just using the action button you should have. You can also pick up the next item without dismounting. If you dismount, you will be unable to remount due to combat, so must run on slowed foot speed.

Noteworthy Mobs

This is an overview of the most dangerous mobs.

Note: It is important all members of your party should be using interrupting abilities (if they have one). This dungeon has a lot of dangerous casts that can one shot players or seriously harm your party if they are not interrupted.

Pulls/Mobs to watch for

The first pack in this dungeon can be very dangerous especially during fortified week. They throw small white swirls onto the floor at ranged targets that explode after a short time. The player targeted needs to move out of the swirl before it explodes to avoid taking unnecessary damage. The main mob of this pack Gate Warden Zo’Mazz does group wide damage with Radiant Pulse

Armored Overseers

They have more HP and hit harder than the rest of the mobs. Their dangerous ability Beam Splitter they put at a targeted location that slowly spins. If a player is hit by this, they are given a DoT that does damage over the duration. Players need to avoid this and the tank needs to pull the mobs out of this area.


When you kill this mob you recieve 3 stacks of your chosen buff. It can be very dangerous if you are unprepared or if the group does not know how to deal with it. In this dungeon it is at the door into the next zone of the first boss room. You can pull it before the first boss to give your group more stats to help with the first boss. It can be pulled on its own if targeted by a single target ability and pulled away. The most dangerous ability is the summon bat. The bat only has 1 ability and does not auto attack. Its mind controls a target. Simply interrupt it with any loss of control ability E.G Stun/Fear and it will stop the cast. After that you can ignore it, it will despawn on its own. The other 2 abilities you will need to watch for are the area of effect around the boss. Large purple swirl that you simply move out of. The last is a group drain life ability that cannot be interrupted until your group breaks the shield. Break the shield on the boss with damage and interrupt its cast.


When agroed, it will pull all group members to it. It puts a circle around itself that none in the group can get out of. If you attempt to, it will pull you back again. It also casts, Beam Splitter, putting beams down that the tank can move it away from. The mob will follow the tank and the group will be unable to get out of the circle anyway so they will follow. It puts a dot on the tank that will root them. This needs to be dispelled by the healer or use a movement-freeing ability so the tank can move it.

Ancient Core Hounds

They have two casts. The first is Lava Breath which is just a frontal on the tank so they need to turn it. It is interruptible but not a priority. The second cast is the absolute priority interrupt. Ancient Danger, this makes all cast times and cool downs including the global cooldown longer by 50%, making them very hard to fight. Simply interrupt the cast on both Hounds. If not interrupted, it can be removed with Decurse if your group has a class with that ability. Decurse does have a CD though, so they will not be able to remove it from everyone. The final annoyance of these two dogs is that they MUST die within 5-10 secs of each other. If the second hound is not dead within time, the first will resurrect back to full HP. It is a priority they die together or as close together as you can manage.

Enraged Direhorn

It is released and will run down the stairs as you approach it. You want someone in the group or the tank to agro it before it goes down the stairs so you can skip the next pack. Once in combat it will use Frenzied Charge on  a random player and then Wild thrash, damaging that player and everyone around them. There is a cheese tactic you can do with this mob. If the tank tanks it next to the banister for the stairs the group can jump up onto the banister and damage from there. It will attempt to charge then stop and not cast Thrash, making it easier to kill. 

Commander Zo’Far

He is atop the stairs blocking the entrance to the last boss. You tend to engage and kill him after the second boss while you make your way to the third boss. He will attach two players together and they will be pulled toward each other stunning and doing massive damage if they touch each other. He will also put small white balls around where you are fighting him that deal damage if they are touched. He casts a knockback on the tank, sending them a long distance.There is an easy cheese that makes this fight very simple and easy. Next to where he is standing before you pull him there is a small wall, if the ranged dps and healer stands on the small lip of the wall they can see over it and dps/heal as required. The melee dps can attack the mob. The attachment will happen between a melee and ranged, the wall will block movement so you will be unable to touch each other and the orbs will not spawn directly on the mob so they will not be an issue either. The tank needs to tank with his back to the center transport font so he will not be knocked back either.

Mail room

The mail room is where the third boss is. Inside the room are three packs of mobs. A good tactic that many do is they wait outside line of sight for the mobs while the tank runs into the room and pulls two – three of the packs and runs back out so they all follow and stack up around the door. The group then does massive aoe damage and takes them down quickly. 

A safer tactic is to go into the room and take the packs one by one. If you do this, you must stun the Defective Sorters as they attempt to open the cages. The cages hold additional mobs or chickens that stun the group, so they are a major priority to stop. 

Overloaded Mailmental are three large purple elementals. These are not really an issue. However, when they die they leave a large purple shield that increases the haste of everyone inside. Allies or hostels, it is best if the tank pulls the enemies out of it while the group gets inside to help increase their damage and kill the rest of the mobs. Make sure you clear this room completely before you pull the boss.

Interrupt Priorities

Support Officer interupt Hardlight Barrier. Interigation Specialist interupt Suppress. Both of these are priority interrupt casts. Suppress suppresses a target, stunning them for the duration of the cast. Shield puts an over shield on every mob within range that must be damaged off or dispelled. 

Ancient Danger must be interrupted on the Ancient Core Hounds.

Market Peacekeeper does a sustained cast called Phalanx which reduces all incoming damage massively. They will stand still and not damage while it is being cast. They must be stunned to break the cast so you can kill them. 

Defective Sorters stun the open cage.


This is an overview of the Bosses. It is important to note that all members of your party should be using interrupting abilities if they have one. 


Boss 1: Focus kill the containment cells, move out of whirling weapons and pick up your confiscated weapon.

Boss 2: Use Gluttony to absorb anima orbs. Move out of whirlwind and blue circles. Interupt Flagellation Protocol. Focus kill chains.

Boss 3: Soak small purple circles. Stack soak larger yellow circle. Pick up the briefcases and throw them into the opened mail shoot.

Boss 4: Use instruments. Kill adds. Move out of pull in.

Boss 5: Use the Portals to move around the room. Interrupt Double Technique. Use portals to dodge arcane circles.

Zo’phex The Sentinal

To initiate this encounter, you must first kill a mini boss who then spawns the major one. Which has four major abilities to watch for. The first is a shield that continually rotates around the boss. The party must move so they are not attacking the shield. Any spells or abilities that hit the shield are completely ignored and none of the damage is applied.

Armed Security: Sets weapons whirling around the battlefield. These move slowly but do damage to anyone caught inside. Move the boss out of the weapon whirlwinds so melee can dps without being caught inside one.

Interrogation: Targets a single player and puts them within a Containment field. The player is unable to move or cast while inside. The party must destroy the shield before the boss reaches the targeted player. While inside the Containment field the boss’s weapons whorl in front of him, dealing massive damage to anyone caught inside it. He will fixate on the target and move slowly towards them. 

Who ever is targeted must run away from the boss and wait for the party to free them. Certain classes or racial abilities can cancel the containment.

Impound Contraband: This will remove the weapons from the targeted player. The player will be unable to attack or heal until they pick their weapon back up. The weapon flies away from the player and lands somewhere on the battlefield. It will be standing floating. It can be within the spinning weapons scattered around. Simply run over your weapon to pick it back up, you do not need to click it to get it.

The Grand Menagerie

This boss encounter is three bosses each with unique abilities. 

Alcruux is the first boss. He is a devorer that has several abilities.

Achillite: Is the second boss. He begins the RP to spawn when the first boss reaches 40% hp. Drag this boss into a corner to better manage the orbs he spawns.

Venza: is the last boss of this battle. During this phase you will still need to deal with Gluttony and the Anima Orbs. Venza will have two abilities.

Gluttony: Starts on a random player that lasts for 21 secs. It allows them to absorb the orbs from the second boss in this encounter, increasing the damage the player deals. After 21 secs Gluttony transfers to the closest player. It deals damage to any other player that is inside of the area around the targeted player as long as they are in it.

Another ability will pull all players to him and create a very large circle around the boss. Players must simply run out of the circle before it explodes. 


The last ability is blue circles which appear across the encounter area which has a ball dropping into them. When the ball lands, anyone inside the area takes a large amount of damage. There are two sets of these circles. As it begins, be inside a safe spot. As the second group of circles spawn, the first group will explode. Move into the first group before the second group lands.

Venting Protocol: He will spawn lots of anima orbs that explode when touched, dealing damage and reducing damage dealt by the player. The player who currently has Gluttony on them can run around absorbing all the orbs, increasing the damage they deal and help the group avoid them.

Flagellation Protocol: which puts a shield on itself and begins hitting the tank quickly and very hard. This can be interrupted if the shield is broken or dispelled.

He also put two debuffs on random players. This creates a massive circle that will explode, dealing damage to anyone inside when it expires. It can be dispelled.

At 40% the last boss begins the RP and spawns.

Whirling Annihilation: Venza spins in her location pulling the party in. The pull-in gets stronger over the duration of the cast. Run away as she began casting and keep running until the cast has finished.

Chains of Damnation: Vanza chains a random player to their location. The targeted player can still cast and use abilities but will be unable to move.The chains must be targeted by the party and destroyed before she casts Whirling Annihilation again. The chains can be broken by certain movement abilities that stop roots.

Mailroom Mayhem

This is a pure mechanics boss. It has three abilities it will use in a certain order and continually repeat that order until it dies. 

Hazardous Liquids is the first in the rotation. The boss throws purple liquids around the room that creates small purple circles. The group must run into the circles before they land to absorb them and stop a large expanding deadly zone from spawning. Each circle only requires one player inside. Be warned each circle soaked puts a stacking debuff on the player for a limited time. Do not try to soak more than two unless you are the tank. If the circles are not absorbed before they land, an expanding purple zone appears that lasts the entire fight. Try not to miss many or you will run out of space.

Money Order is the second ability in the rotation. A random player gets a large yellow circle around them. They should bring it to the tank and the boss, the group should soak it together. Reducing the damage it deals. Any damage it deals is split between anyone within the circle. It can be soaked solo with immunities.

Unstable Good is the last ability in the rotation before the boss begins the ability rotation again. The boss will throw briefcases around the room that have a timer above them. When the timer ends the briefcases explode, dealing massive damage to the entire party. Every member of the party must run to a briefcase each. Then click the briefcase to pick it up. When the player has it they need to take it to the Delivery Portal and use the action button to throw it inside. It will then despawn and disappear. When a player picks up a case it will reduce their movement speed. It is critical that every member of the party picks them up to get rid of them before they explode. 

Myza’s Oasis: This boss encounter has several phases before the boss himself will spawn. As you enter there are five instruments on the stage. Each player must pick up an instrument and use it. To use it there is an action button. Three small connected circles will appear. The player must face those circles and use the instrument which will make you play it. One of the instruments instead has three circles in a triangle. The player with that one must run into the middle of the three and use the action button. This is repeated 3 times. If you manage to get all three you get a large haste buff. After the third time, four mobs will spawn. Try to interrupt Menacing Shout. This happens twice with the ads. After each group of mobs you will need to use your instrument again. When you have killed both groups of mobs and used the instrument correctly three times the actual boss will spawn.

First is a pull in. The boss goes to the center of the stage and spawns a small circle around himself. He will then pull the group to him and deal large amounts of damage to anyone inside the circle at the end of the cast. Move out of the circle and keep running until it is over.

Menacing shout: Same as with the mobs beforehand, he does an interruptible cast of Menacing shout that need to be interrupted by anyone. 

The final ability is a frontal. He turns to a random player and begins casting. He will create a shield in front of him while casting, making him immune to damage from that direction while he casts. When he has finished casting he will shoot a beam in the direction he is facing, dealing massive damage and knocking anyone caught back. Move to the side or back of the boss to avoid it.


Is the final boss of the dungeon. He has several abilities and there are four sets of two teleports around the room. Each teleport is linked to one other. Each has a shape above them to show which they are connected to. Triangle with Triangle, Circle with Circle and so on. These teleports are used to dodge a mechanic or move around the room after the boss divides it. 

Divide: The boss creates a wall across the center of the room cutting it in half the first time and into quarters the second. You cannot shoot or move through the walls. You must use teleports to move between the sections.

Shuri: Is an expanding circle of arcane energy. Any player hit by this receives a dot that does massive damage, most likely killing them. To avoid the circle you must find a teleport that has half inside the circle and half out. You use the outside half to get inside the expanding circle.

Double Technique: After the boss casts Divide he will teleport to another section of the room and begin casting. This is a double cast, requiring the party to interrupt both. Use the portals to get to the same section as him, then instantly interrupt the first cast. Wait on the second cast until it is almost finished so your group can have some time to freely dps without worrying about anything else. The cast time on this ability is about 10 secs, it is shared between the two casts. Meaning, if you interrupt with 3 secs left on the first cast, the second cast only has a 3sec cast. If the first is interrupted at 8 secs the second cast is 8secs.

Dodge the Shuri cast using the portals, interrupt the first cast of double technique instantly, hold off on the second cast until the last sec for more damage to the boss. Make sure the entire party is in the same section.

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