Uldum Herbalism

Uldum Herbalism

Now let’s get started with making gold with Herbalism.

One of the best spots for EASY gold is Herbs in Uldum, this is because the herbs are used in so many crafting professions and has a brilliant sale rate. When in need of  gold quickly this is one of my favourites for some starting gold.

If you get into a situation where you have farmed more than 800  Herbs and you are posting it to the auction house (only post 12 hours a time or you will be undercut and waste gold on deposit fees) and doing cancel scans to keep regular fresh auctions, but they still aren’t selling much, you should try some other herb farms to keep a diverse range of herbs in the auction house. For me when this is herbalism I focus on keeping 400-800 herbs in the auction house.

This is the Uldum Herbalism route you can use, to load this into the game map you will need to have “Worthit” installed. Please see the Worthit guide in the Free Guides tab of this website to get help with setting that up.

Any questions Join the Gaming Hero Discord and ask in the #FAQ channel.

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