Uldum mining

Uldum Gathering

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What’s up guys! Today we are going to be going over how you can use some old world farming to make TONS of gold!

In Uldum, you can farm Ores and Herbs that will carry a huge profit in the auction house.

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Erosium’s Uldum Route Video-

As always, if you would prefer to get this information in a video format, Erosium has a fantastic video available to you guys!

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What- In Uldum you will be able to farm Cinderbloom, Whiptail, Elementium, and Pyrite.

Where-Uldum, roughly around the edge of the zone. Follow the green lines on the map to the left for maximum uptime!

Why- Dear reader, we do this for GOOOOOLD!!! Our inner goblins thrive on gold, and following this route you can easily make 20-30k gold and HOUR without having a max level toon!

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The What-

When it comes to quick gold with very little startup, Ores and Herbs are the name of the game.

In Uldum you can find Elementium Ore, Pyrite Ore, Cinderbloom, and Whiptail.

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The Where-

Along the edges of the zone in Uldum, and along the mountainous spires and Plateaus that fills the zone is the best spot to find Pyrite and Elementium

If you are farming in Chromie time on a character BELOW level 50, there is almost no competition in the zone!

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The Why-

Elementium  and Pyrite  is used in MANY high profit recipes, and can be sold (quite often in groups of 200 or more at a time) for hefty profits. Thanks to Time Walking scaling the items and gems made from Elementium is at a premium!


Cinderbloom and Whiptail are used in making older Cataclysm era Flasks and Potions. These herbs can be picked up on the route above, but dont sell as well as the Ores.

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Now its time to get out there!

You now have everything you need to be able to start making gold from Uldum Farming! Keep your Pick Axes handy, and your herb pouch ready!

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