Vendor Recipe Flips Shopping List

Vendor Recipe Flips Shopping List

Welcome to another awesome WOW POST! There are a huge amount of Recipes you can purchase from Vendors in WOW and in this post I have compiled a list of some of the great ones which often people miss-out on! 

  1. Everlook:
    A: Tailoring: Pattern Moonclooth
    B: Engineering: Masterwork Target Dummy, Powerful Seaforium Charge, Gyrofreeze Ice Reflector and Delicate Arcanite Converter.
    C: Cooking: Monster Omlete
    D: Alchemy: Major Healing Potion E: Jewellery Crafting: Necklace of the DIamond Tower.
  2. Darkshire:
    3 recipes: Dark Silk Shirt, Greater Adept’s Robe and Bright Yellow Shirt
  3. Booty Bay:
    Admiral’s Hat, Moonsteel Broadsword and several COOKING recipes:
  4. Iron Forge:
    A. Tailoring Vendor: Pink Mageweave Shirt, Tuxedo Shirt, Tuxedo Pants, Lavender Mageweave Shirt and Tuxedo Jacket.
    B. Leatherworking Vendor: Heavy Leather Ball
    C. Engineering Vendor: Gnomish Universal Remote and Blue Firework.
    D. Burbik’s Tradegoods: Opal Necklace of Impact, The Jade Eye.
  5. Ratchet:
    A. Blacksmith: Goldenscale Coif
    B. Tailoring: Soul Pouch, Crimson Silk Robe, Haliscan jacket, Dress Shoes and Haliscan Pantaloons.
    C: Alchemy: Transmute Iron to Gold, Philosper’s Stone,Transmute Mithril to Truesilver, and Transmute Arcanite.
    D: Cooking: Tender Wolf Steak.
  6. Stormwind
    (Old Town Tavern) – Cooking Recipes
  7. Un’Guro Crater (both flight points):
    A. Leatherworking: Devil Saur Gauntlets, Devilsaur Leggings
    B. Blacksmithing: Runic Plate Boots, Runic Plate Leggings, Runic Plate Helm and Runic Plate Shoulders.

The total value of the recipes at region market value is: 70,458 gold. On my personal realm the Regional Market Value was much much lower than my Min Buyout but I chose share the value which reflects in general the value across many different realms.

Really hope you found this post useful. – Erosium OUT!

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