Your Local WoW Guide: New and Returning WoW Players

Welcome to Your Local WoW Guide. This blog is designed specifically for new and returning World of Warcraft players. Here, you will find all the information you need to get started in the world of Azeroth. Whether you are a brand new player just starting out, or a returning player who has been away from the game for a while, we have something for everyone! In this blog post, we will discuss the basics of character creation and give you some tips on how to get started in World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft: How the Subscription works

World of Warcraft is an MMO which tends to release new expansions every 3 years. The latest and greatest expansion is that of Dragonflight!

To start playing WoW you only need a subscription, there is no box cost for the game to play the base game. Having an active subscription will let you play from level 1 – 60.

The current level cap is level 70. So if you wish to play the content from level 60 – 70 you would need to purchase Dragonflight.

New Players

As a new player of world of warcraft, Blizzard wants your leveling journey to be linear and clear cut. As a new WOW Player you must level up in the following zones:

1 – 10: Exiles Reach

10 – 60: Battle For Azeroth (BFA)

60 – 70: Dragon Isles (Dragonflight)

Once you have initially leveled your first character to level 60 through BFA (Battle for Azeroth) campaign, on all future characters you will be able to choose a different route to level up via the Chromie Time NPC in Stormwind / Orgrimmar. Speaking to Chromie on future alt characters from level 10+ will allow you to level through previous expansion storylines. However it’s really important to remember, Chromie is deactivated for you as a new player until you have completed BFA at least once.

To begin the BFA campaign you simply need to complete Exiles reach 1 – 10 and then upon arriving in either Stormwind (Alliance) or Orgrimmar (Horde) you will accept the “Tides of War” campaign quest which will lead you into the BFA campaign. Complete this entire campaign and enter Dragonflight.

Returning Players

Returning players, due to the World of Warcraft level squish back in Shadowlands, your old characters may be lower level than you remember. This is because the level squish went from level 120 down to 60. Do not fear because I am going to explain what you need to do!

If you previously played back in BFA you can simply go ahead to Chromie who is in Stormwind / Orgrimmar near the hour glass symbol. Speaking to her you can activate any of the old story lines to level up. This is called Chromie time and this is how you will level up to level 60.

When you reach level 60 you can return to Stormwind or Orgrimmar to begin your Dragonflight adventure: level 60-70. Bare in mind you may be able to go to Dragonflight as early as level 58, but I wouldn’t advise doing this because it will slow your levelling experience.

Getting Started with World of Warcraft videos?

Here is my personal list of videos which I think will help New or Returning World of Warcraft players most. I pride myself as a World of Warcraft content creator on being able to help the newer and returning players most, so please enjoy the following videos which I’ve put together to get you started on your journey into World of Warcraft

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In this guide you will learn my top 10 tips about World of Warcraft.

Patreon: What’s Included?

I have a Patreon but unlike any other creator I have as my WoW Guides website designed for my Patreon supporters.

Supporting me on Patreon gives access to all Patreon guides via, all Patreon videos and an exclusive Patreon Discord channel to discuss secret WoW Strategies.

What Patreon Guides are best for you?

Tillers Farming Guide

In this guide you will learn how to setup the Tillers farm to make gold in huge quantities across many characters.

How to Make an Alt Army

In this guide you will learn how to make an alt army, why an alt army is good and what you can use an alt army for.

TSM Guides

In this guide you will learn use TSM wow Addon and you’ll be able to import all of Erosium’s personal TSM strings.

All Patreon Guides

This is where you can find all guides I have on for my Patreon supporters, ranging from toy, pet, mount and gold guides.

What are the First Things to do in WOW?

1. Create your Main Character. Choose a race and class that you identify with most!

2. Level your Main Character up via BFA to level 60.

3. Join LFG Dungeon finder (Press i) and try PVP (Press H). Try them out!

4. Level to level 70 in Dragon Isles via Dragonflight begin in Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

5. Experience Mythic+: Gain high enough gear from Heroic Dungeons to try Mythic Plus dungeons.

6. Gain gear from Heroic Dungeons to try Looking for Raid (Press i and apply to join LFR).

7. Experience PVP: Press h and join a battleground. Then gear up defeating people in PVP.

8. Begin Casual Content (Farming Pets, Mounts, Toys and Gold Making).

9. Level up your Professions: Gathering or Crafting professions.

10. Create an Alt Army: Level up 10 new characters to maximum level as a collective.

What should I watch?

You’ve probably seen I have around 700 Youtube videos and you’ve probably said to yourself: “What should I watch first?”

This is a great question because a lot of my videos are what I like to call “Evergreen Content” which is to say it provides a simple answer to a simple question. You don’t need to watch all of my videos but there are definitely some which you may really enjoy or find useful. Here is where you should start.

This is a leveling series where I leveled a Mecha Gnome from 1 – 60 while leveling Blacksmithing.

I also made lots of gold, this was recorded before the AH Merge, Material flipping isn’t good anymore but the crafting and leveling I did in this video is great!.

This is a Passive Gold Making series where I use the Garrisons to make Gold in WoW.

There are many videos in this playlist, but this remains a fantastic gold making Strategy to date with no additional nerfs to be worried about.

This is a Youtube Shorts series designed for people with Minimal Time available to play and learn WoW.

If you want to learn all my WoW tips but you haven’t got time to watch the videos? No worries these Youtube Shorts have you covered.

YouTube Livestreams & Uploads

This is where you will find all of my livestream content for World of Warcraft.

This is where you will find my latest uploads for World of Warcraft on Youtube.

Final Tips to get you on Track in WoW

To get started in World of Warcraft the best thing you can do is literally dive in. Don’t spend hours researching and trying to find the best way to do something, just give it a go and as you play the game you will learn lots of new info as you play.

Remember to enjoy the game, if someone’s rude to you just add them to your ignore list or report them.

Good luck, have fun and I’ll see you in Azeroth!

If I missed anything from this guide you especially want to see then please write a comment below this article.

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